Opening up the lid of a plastic bottle at the hypocentre, the mist is sucked into 
there is no time to sigh 
then butterfly falls down with bittersweet mustard on its face. 
Wiped out the rust sticked on the cheeks, 
the clouds behind the handkerchief goes far away 
and everything chases along the surface. Threads swim in the gap, hearing 
goodbye, we look for you.


#1 a face in the car
: Single channel video, 2'37".
Acted by Teho Hosoya
Filming support: Issei Suzuki

#2 monologue for someone lost
: Sound.
Hummed and read by Honoka Meguro

#3 lingering changement
: Single channel video, 9'54".
Danced by Yurika Toyoda

#4 a flicker on the candle
: Single channel video, 2'15".

#5 when legs fallen asleep
: Plaster, steel, nail, thread, resin.

#6 a detached hand
: Plaster, wire, chewing gum, resin, nail, gauze.

#7 a smiling face
: Paraffin wax, gauze, needle, thread.

#8 super pet
: Clay, wire, resin.

#9 where butterflies affect
: Glass fibre, polyester resin.